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The Transtecno Group Italy designs produce and market a complete range of power transmission solutions: gearboxes (worm gearboxes, helical in-line gearboxes, helical bevel, helical parallel or planetary gearboxes) with AC or DC electric motors. They maintain alliance with the top industrial Electronics companies in Dubai and Automation suppliers in Dubai. 

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Trans tecno l Automat l DC Electric motors
Gear Box and Motors for Outdoor Applications and Water & Beverage Industries Certified IEC/EN 60529.

Gearbox and Motors for Outdoor Applications and Water & Beverage Industries Certified IEC/EN 60529.Compact and basic terminal cover with gaskets, O-ring, and cable glands. Windshields are designed for excellent protection through Radial seal rings, O-ring, and closed mounting holes. Available with: AC asynchronous electric motors and DC Electric motors with Wash-down Cover and Rubber gasket CA on Request: Stainless steel output shaft gearbox, Black anodized surface for harsh environmental conditions.

VAM mechanical variators main features:

  • Precise in speed regulation: ± 0.5/1%
  • Speed range 1:5
  • Can operate in either direction based on the rotation of the motor
  • Input motor flange in standard version B5 IEC
  • The frames 018, 037 and 075 are constructed with the aluminium body, larger sizes are made of cast iron
Automat I The Modular Gear Motor I Transtecno l Automat
Poultry & Dairy Farm Tecno

The Poultry & Dairy Farm Tecno gear motors range has been specifically designed for farm equipment. Gear motors have been made up by combining AC electric motors and single-stage helical gearboxes with aluminium housing.

A low-cost solution, with a high degree of customization. A wide selection of input/output flanges and shafts is available to satisfy customer’s specific demands.
Car- WashTecno

Car –WashTecno is a product line dedicated to car-wash systems. The two gearbox ranges that make up this line are the worm gearbox CWT050/CWTS050 and the small helical gearbox CMG002. Both gearbox ranges are ideal for use in car wash equipment. The CWT050/CWTS050 have been designed and produced to move the brushes (horizontally and vertically) in the car wash and the helical gearbox is used to move the brushes that clean the vehicle’s wheels.

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