Air, Vaccum & Moulded Case Circuit Breaker Repair Services


The Extensive adoption and popularity of VFD’s and Servo drives in multiple and diverse applications have contributed to strong growth and production efficiency in recent years. In the event of a power overload in the system,   Circuit Breaker Repair Services provide a safety mechanism. Breakers that trip on a regular basis indicate a problem with the power supply or the breaker itself. Without circuit breakers, your company will be unable to distribute power throughout the building. As a result, a faulty circuit breaker must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid lost work and productivity. In Automat we do Air Circuit Repair (ACB Repair ), Moulded Case Circuit Breakers repair  (MCCB repair) and Vaccum Circuit Breaker Repair ( VCB Repair ).

There are many common faults with air circuit breakers including them not turning on or off, not charging up or resetting or not tripping off as required. Other problems include the breaker not staying closed when turned on and erratic or nuisance tripping off of the breaker.

Many of these issues can be avoided by devising an appropriate Circuit Breaker Repair Services schedule that suits your needs.Our service plan enables us to repair your Air Circuit Breaker ( ACB Repair ) on site if fixed, or if with-drawable to remove and work on it at our excellence center. During the service we disassemble certain elements of the ACB to allow inspection, lubrication, repair and testing. We have a range of specialised secondary injection equipment to enable us to test the operation of the ACBs electronic trip units and their parameters. We Circuit Breaker Repair Services of all types and  from the world’s leading brands including Siemens, ABB,GE etc.

The Commitment of the manufacturer towards end-user reliability is to offer a good design that is inherently reliable and efficient, manufactured to the highest quality. As reliable as the electronic components are, they are susceptible to all sorts of problems – from incoming power disturbances to environmental hazards or wrong operation.

End users’ expectations that manufacturers have a responsibility to support their variable frequency Drive Repair indefinitely are not sustainable and are counter-productive in terms of maintaining high levels of reliability throughout their plant’s life.

We at Automat take a more sophisticated view – incorporating lifecycle management – of the VFDs and Servo motor repair that come to us.

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