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Pump accessories

Automat Sells Chemical pumps, accessories and their components, as well as a large number of spare parts for DEBEM PUMPS in a warehouse in DUBAI. DEBEM offers a wide range of pump accessories for all the types of pumps in its catalogue. The accessories are available for pumps from other manufacturers or designed and built directly by DEBEM and are the result of our technical experience and specific research in pump applications.

Patented Stall- Prevention coaxial pneumatic exchanger.

Debem pumps use a patented stall-prevention coaxial pneumatic exchanger. This device introduces compressed air to change the equilibrium of the pressure of the diaphragms, assisted by a stall-prevention circuit, that guarantees optimal performance, even in the most critical conditions. The control part (spool) and the power part (exchanger) are both housed inside the pump in a single block, which limits further losses of load when compressed air flows in the pump. The DEBEM pneumatic exchanger is easy to repair and/or replace.

Amongst the lowest air consumptions on the market:

The air consumption data (expressed in NL/minute) of Debem pumps are real and checked, with certified state of the art instruments and are amongst the lowest available on the market today. DEBEM’s pumps have been specifically designed to optimize the space on the back of the diaphragms.

Low rates:

The flow rate that we declare is real. The pumps are tested with a ½ meter of hose in suction. Other companies test them with the suction manifold immersed directly in the fluid, which is why they declare 10/15% more than the actual value.


Diaphragms with LONG- LIFE Profile.

Diaphragms with LONG- LIFE Profile. The diaphragms are the parts subjected to the greatest stresses during suction and pumping, whilst also having to resist the chemical attack and temperature of the liquid and the mechanical fatigue. A modern design process, destructing testing, as well as an in-depth analysis of the results, have allowed Debem to develop the new generation of LONG LIFE diaphragms. Thanks to their profile and construction shape, these products offer a larger working surface and improved redistribution of the load, reducing the stress and yield of the material to a minimum.

Thermoplastic diaphragms:

Made with thermoplastic polymers, these diaphragms provide a high level of mechanical resistance and stress distribution.

Summary of advantages:

  • Low cost of spare parts (single or kit)
  • Easy installation

PTFE diaphragms

This material is known for its considerable resistance to temperature and chemical and corrosive agents. Diaphragms in Debem pumps PTFE undergo a double heat treatment to increase their elasticity and service life.

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