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Inventory Buyback

Estock for CASH!!!

Why not make some money out of parts you no longer need? Recycling your parts not only gives you some extra cash in your pocket but it is better for the environment than simply throwing them away. Automat has been at the forefront when it comes to E Waste management by providing Product Extension Lifecycles, thus contributing to the Circular Economy.

We buy all Categories of Automation Spares and brands including


Bulk Purchase for Cash

Purchase against Service credit

Scrap for Free

Its Simple, Fast and Transparent

  • 1
    Fill in or attach a list of your equipment.
  • 2
    Automat will assess your list.
  • 3
    Our Procurement team will quote you a value for the lot.
  • 4
    If you agree, confirm by email.
  • 5
    Pack the materials and Automat arrange pickup from customer location.
  • 6
    Items are received at Automat, quality check carried out.
  • 7
    Payment is credited to the Customer account or issued a credit note for future invoices.

Got some ageing dead stock? Give us a call

Contributing to our environment is the responsibility of every individual. And how better more could it get, when you get money for spares that have reached obsolescence? Whatever be your reason – whether you’ve upgraded a machine and no longer have use for your surplus spares or if you’re liquidating a plant and need to turn used parts into cash, we are equipped with the capability for a Buy Back, instead of it creating a Stockpile of E Waste which poses Environmental Hazards to your surroundings and the society you live in. Our Stock procurements are made throughout the globe and we refurbish them to serve as a cost saver in terms of System Migrations.

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How stock procurement helps us…

Buying your spares enables us to continue supporting users of obsolete automation equipment. When we buy the parts you no longer require we refurbish them with a full preventative maintenance service, where we replace all serviceable components, providing a comprehensive warranty at a very affordable price.

Automat – Towards a Sustainable Economy?

By procuring obsolete stock, we not only provide clients with refurbished legacy equipment but also play a keen role in extending Product Lifecycles thus contributing to the Circular Economy. With this endeavour, we play our part in reducing the carbon footprint, thus creating a Cleaner, Safer, and Healthier environment for us as well as our future generations to cherish.

Kindly click on the link to download the form/ Upload the list of your stock and our personnel would get in touch with you with our offer.


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