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With the Digital Industrial Revolution at the helm, it does bring about concern on the sheer existence of an organization’s legacy equipment. We at Automat, do realize the challenge that such organization’s encounter. Dwelling into the core issue, we provide an End to End solution, to all your Legacy equipment, in the form of Migrations and Conversions, two of our strategic business modules.


Migration & Conversion Expert in UAE

Migration implies a straight conversion of our obsolete Automation equipment, with the latest system upgrades available. Be it Drive Systems to Programmable Logic Controllers, we at Automat can rejuvenate your machine by incorporating the latest in Technology.

Migration involves changing the existing Legacy equipment with similar, latest versions/models/brands, so as to prolong the health of your machine, resulting in over exceeding your production capabilities
UAE Migration & Conversion Expert
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Having an Obsolete system triggers all guns to a High Risk on your Production Life cycle. Allow our team of dedicated engineers, to take over and provide your organization with the Conversion module. With the IBE in place, The ACSA( Automat Critical Stock Algorithm) would generate the required reports for an action plan of how to proceed with our Conversion Project, from your old existing obsolete system to the latest state of the art available technology.

Take the Next step with us…Upgrade with Confidence

With conversion services from Automat, you can leverage our extensive automation experience and receive a complete upgrade solution including, hardware, software, and start-up services.

Migrate to newer faster technology to improve productivity and achieve business goals, whether it’s a small individual inverter conversion or a complete integrated architecture solution. Automat will work with you to offer an individual turnkey package

The Path forward:
 1. Analysis

Based on the inputs received, our team of engineers would work closely with you to create an accurate scope of supply to meet your needs.

 2. Personalised Project Manger

A Key Projects Account Manager would be designated for your account, from project initiation till project completion, to ensure the smooth flow of information regarding the project.

 3. Engineering

All our engineers are trained to carry out the project in the most cost-effective and time-saving technique, using the industry’s best practices to convert your application successfully with Prior Functional Tests to Start-Ups.

 4. Testing and Commissioning

On completion of the project, the Project Manager would work closely with our engineers and your plant personnel, to perform the Startup and Commissioning, complying with your Operational Requirements.

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Why opt for Conversion?

  • Faster Processing – Higher Production
  • Improved Manufacturing Quality – Reduced Production Time.
  • Latest Equipment being at par with Technological Standards
  • Reduced unplanned downtime.
  • Energy Efficiency. Save
  • Available spares – New Product Lifecycle.
  • Decreased long term costs – New installations come with a 1-year warranty, thus decreasing maintenance costs.
  • Increased machine functionality – Increase in Machine efficiency.
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UAE Migration & Conversion Expert

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