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In addition to our services on Repairs of All your Industrial Automation, Automat is a one-stop location for all your Automation spare requirements. We can support you in terms of Supply, towards all your existing and obsolete Automation Spare requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals, combined with their vast experience in sourcing, can provide you with a cost-effective solution to all your Industrial Electronic Spares requirements.

With the repair business in place, we at Automat ensure the least turn around time, when it comes to any warranty claims, if so ever, with regard to the equipment provided by us.

All Spares Supplies come with a 6/12 month warranty where ever applicable, as per the environment in which the equipment is working. With regard to supplies, we offer a very competitive quote for all major Industrial Brands, like Siemens/Abb/ etc to name a few.
Our Central Logistics Hub manages stock over Items, both current and obsolete models. Give us a part number and we would be able to qualify for a quote, with various stock options like

Brand New Factory Packed.


Surplus Stock UNUSED.

Lifecycle extension in our priority

Stocks are subjected to prior sale.

Do you have any surplus stock?

Send us your offer and we would be more than happy to buy out all your electronic surplus spares. From Drives to PLC’s to HMI’. kindly get in touch with our team to assist you in liquidating your inventory.

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