Onsite Support

With in-depth knowledge of CNC machine controls, drive systems and complex PLC configurations our onsite team have the expertise to provide support to an array of industries including printing & packaging, food & beverage, CNC machine tools, plastics, Ports and Harbours, Airports, general manufacturing.

Onsite Service Repair Process

Site Visit for a Detailed Investigation by a Highly Experienced and Qualified Engineer.

Repair the machine onsite, under the existing circumstances.

Options included in the Scope of Work for the Site Engineer.

Analyze the source of the breakdown and advise accordingly.

Life cycle extension is our priority.

Should the Investigation reveal a faulty unit, then remove the faulty part from the site and bring it back to the Automat workshop for a detailed assessment and repair.

If a repair is not economically feasible, a choice is provided for a Service Exchange, a supply of the same unit, if it’s a current running model, Conversion whereby the unit is obsolete and an equivalent replacement is advised, or a Retro Fit of the Machine. On repair, the unit would be delivered and should there be a need for a Site Engineer for installation, Our Onsite Engineer would visit your premises for the Installation.

Onsite Service Repair Process
Onsite Service Repair Process

PPM Contracts / IBA Programs

Its always better to be prepared for any eventuality rather than being in one. Machine breakdowns can be avoided through Preventive Maintenance schedules which can be offered by Automat.

From Live Panel Cleaning to the IBA( Instal Base Audit), we can provide end to end solutions for all your maintenance challenges, thus eliminating the possibility of future unplanned downtime. Kindly get in touch with us to learn more on how to get started in getting prepared.

Technical Expertise

Our team of engineers have a collective experience of over 60 years in the field of Industrial Automation Repairs. With a rich resource of suppliers and a technical team, Automat can offer a wide range of technical expertise to overcome all your maintenance challenges.

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